Entrance to Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio

Glendale Cemetery – Entrance

Akron’s Glendale Cemetery was established in 1839 by Dr. Jedediah…

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Main Street, Akron, Ohio

Main Street Looking South

Postcard view of Akron’s Main Street from Market Street looking…

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. – Aeroplane View

“The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is one of the…

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Interior of St. Bernard's Church, Akron, Ohio

St. Bernard – Interior

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East Market Gardens and the Hupmobile Eight, Akron, Ohio

East Market Gardens

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Robinson's Clay Products, Akron, Ohio

Robinson’s Clay Products Company

The Robinson Clay Product Com­pany was a major producer of…

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City Hospital, Akron, Ohio

City Hospital

Opened in 1892, City Hospital provided a place where the…

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Scene in Grace Park, Akron, O.

Grace Park

Grace Park wasn’t always a “shady” place. Back in the…

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East Mill Street, Akron, Ohio

East Mill Street

Akron’s boom came from the rubber industry,  but before that,…

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Medford Building, Actual Business College, Akron, Ohio

Medford Building

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Akron High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

The original Central building on Forge Street opened in 1886…

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Perkins Square Play Ground, Akron, Ohio

Perkins Square Play Ground

In this postcard view of old Akron, children of all…

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South High School, Akron, Ohio

South High School

Built in 1911 at 30 West Thornton Street at Coburn,…

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Flatiron Building Main and Howard Streets

Flatiron Building

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Plant of the B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron.

B. F. Goodrich Company

Shortly before the Great Depression, Goodrich acquired the Hood Rubber…

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Akron, Ohio

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity

Founders of Holy Trinity (1868) included famous Akronites such as…

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The Glen, Akron, Ohio

The Glen

A beautiful view of the river flowing through The Glen…

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View on East Market Street, Akron, Ohio

View on East Market Street

East Market Street featured the homes of F.A. Seiberling (Goodyear),…

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Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, Akron Ohio

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

One of the largest rubber factories in the United States…

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P.E. Werner's Residence, Akron, Ohio

Paul E. Werner’s Residence

While Akron’s most famous names were building their fortunes in…

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East Market Street

The street has been called Millionaires’ Row by some and…

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Firestone Research Laboratory and Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Akron, Ohio

Firestone Research Laboratory and Monument

Harvey Samuel Firestone was born on December 20, 1868, at…

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Main Street, looking North from Quarry, Akron, Ohio

Main Street – looking North from Quarry

The Unique theater on Main Street was one of Akron’s…

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Union Station, Akron, Ohio

Union Station

From 1891 through 1950, Akron’s Union Station was an important…

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West Hill Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

West Hill Congregational Church

With a rapid increase of the Protestant population in the…

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