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Public Library, Akron, Ohio

Public Library

Built in 1904, for the purpose of being a permanent home for Akron’s Public Library. Its purpose lasted nearly 40 years before being considered obsolete.

Central Fire Station, Akron, Ohio

Fire Station – Central

Akron Fire Department has a long and proud history dating all the way back to 1839 when Akron Council provided for the creation of volunteer companies to replace the Fire Warden.  The “North Akron Fire Company” was formed on December 11, 1839.  The first fire engine house was erected in 1841.

Summit County Jail, Akron, Ohio

County Jail

Built in 1902, the old jail was located between High Street and S. Broadway Street in downtown Akron. Inside were living quarters for the county sheriff and cells for up to 100 prisoners. The stunning sandstone building was destroyed in May 1965 and replaced by the new City-County Safety Building.

Water Works, Akron, Ohio

Akron Water Works

Construction of Akron’s Water Plant at Kent began in 1913 and was completed in 1915. The project included the creation of the Lake Rockwell Reservoir which is the primary source of Akron’s drinking water supply.

Summit County Infirmary Akron, Ohio

Summit County Infirmary

The Summit County Infirmary – also known as the County Poorhouse – stood from 1865 to 1919 off West Exchange Street near the present site of Westminster Presbyterian Church between Rose Boulevard and Mull Avenue. A Hellish Place When the Infirmary opened it was praised as “an honor to the county and a mark on the…

City Water Works, Akron, Ohio

City Water Works

In May 1881, the Wooster Avenue Water Works was put into service on the Mallison Farm. Water was supplied from a large well 50 feet in diameter and 30 feet deep at the pumping station. This view shows the works after considerable addition to the original structure.

The United States Post Office, Akron, Ohio

Post Office

The United States Post Office building is located at the corner of E. Market and Prospect Streets was completed in 1929 at a cost of $565, 000. This was Akron’s second Post Office building – the last having been built in 1899. The building’s second floor served as a home for other governmental organizations including:…

Police Station in downtown Akron, Ohio

Police Station

The first horseless (motorized) police vehicle introduced in the United States was used in Akron, Ohio. The vehicle had seating space for 12 people. The car was often called a squad car because it was used to transport a squad of police officers to a crime scene.

Summit County Jail, Akron, O.

Summit County Jail

Looking nothing like a jail, this stunning structure was erected in 1902. Inside the sandstone walls were living quarters for the county sheriff and cells for up to 100 prisoners. In 1965 the building was destroyed to make way for the new City-County Safety Building.