Greetings From Akron, Ohio

Greetings from Akron

Seeded on the Ohio-Erie Canal, Akron was the fastest growing…

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Silver Lake Park - A Trip to Rockaway, Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, Ohio

Silver Lake Park – A Trip to Rockaway

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DeWitt's Automobile Ranch, Akron, Ohio

DeWitt’s Automobile Ranch

Popular Akron auto dealership in the 50’s. Sold Dodge, Plymouth, Simca, Lloyds,…

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Bill Copley Buick

Bill Copley Buick

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Police Station and Municipal Building, Akron, Ohio

Police Station – Municipal Building

The first horseless police vehicle ever introduced in the United States was…

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Post Office Cuyahoga Falls

Post Office – Cuyahoga Falls

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Goodrich Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio

B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company

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Faith Church 954 Eastland Ave, Akron, Ohio

Faith Church

Faith Church was an Evangelical United Brethren church in Akron, Ohio.…

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Metropolitan Building, Lang's, Akron, Ohio

Metropolitan Building

The Metropolitan Building still stands today although its name has…

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Howard Street, South from Market Street

Howard Street

It may be unrecognizable today, but the one-time importance of…

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Silver Lake Park Entrance, Akron, Ohio

Silver Lake Park – Entrance

For 40 years, visitors to Silver Lake Park were never…

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Mill Street Viaduct, Akron, Ohio

Mill Street Looking East

A streetcar is seen ascending the Mill Street Viaduct as…

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Garfield Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Garfield Hotel

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Silver Lake Bath House, Akron, Ohio

Silver Lake Park – Bath House

In 1874, Ralph H. Lodge bought Silver Lake (all the…

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High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

This beautiful piece of architecture was the city’s high school.…

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East on Market Street from Main Street, Akron, Ohio

East on Market Street, from Main Street

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Campus Scene at Akron University, Akron, Ohio

Akron University

The University of Akron was founded as Buchtel College in…

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Akron Gospel Tabernacle church, Akron, Ohio

Akron Gospel Tabernacle

A Shelter in the Time of Storm.

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Peoples Hospital Akron, Ohio

Peoples Hospital

Construction on the first building was completed on March 1,…

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Dining room at the Portage Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Portage Hotel – Dining Room

The elegantly appointed dining room in the Portage Hotel.

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Strand Theater, Akron, Ohio

Strand Theater

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Allen Theatre WADC Broadcasting Station, Akron, Ohio

Allen Theatre WADC Broadcasting Station

WADC broadcasting studios located in the Towell Cadillac Building. WADC…

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Central Garage, Akron, Ohio

Central Garage

A testament to just how fast automobiles has grown in…

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Summit Feeder, Near Akron, Ohio

Summit Feeder

For much of the early 1900’s, the Summit lake area…

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Kaase's Restaurant, Mill Street, Akron, Ohio

Kaase’s Restaurant

Kaase’s Restaraunt was located at 53 E. Mill Street.

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North Howard Street, Akron, Ohio

North Howard Street

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