Greetings from Akron, Ohio

Greetings from Akron

Seeded on the Ohio-Erie Canal, Akron was the fastest growing…

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South Main Street, Akron, Ohio

South Main Street

Interurban cars are lined up outside the Hamilton Building on…

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Central Saving and Trust, Akron, Ohio

Central Savings and Trust Co. – I.O.O.F Lodge

In 1904, the Central Savings Bank merged with the Akron…

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Springfield Lake, Cottages at Sawyerwood, Springfield/Akron, Ohio

Springfield Lake – Sawyerwood Cottages

Weekend Getaway During the rapid growth of Akron’s rubber industry,…

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Summit Beach Park Midway, Akron, Ohio

Summit Beach Park – Midway

More than a century ago, on July 4th, 1917, Summit Beach…

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Firestone Factory, Akron, Ohio

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company

“It takes energy, foresight and ability to pull against the…

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Amelia Flats and Union Station, Akron, Ohio

Union Station – Amelia Flats

Amelia flats was a five-story apartment building, which stood on Park…

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Goretz Hotel, Portage Lakes near Akron, Ohio

Groetz Hotel

Opened in 1891 by John B. Groetz (1866-1951), this late 19th-century…

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Birds Eye View Goodyear Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio

Goodyear Rubber Co. – Birds Eye View

Was Goodyear big in Akron? Oh yeah. By the early…

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Portage Country Club, Akron, Ohio

Portage Country Club

The Portage Country Club has long been an athletic and social…

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USS Akron over Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Plant, Akron, Ohio

USS Akron over Goodyear Factory

First Flying Aircraft Carrier Between September 1931 and April 1933…

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Chautauqua Auditorium, Silver Lake Park, near Akron, Ohio

Silver Lake Park – Chautauqua Auditorium

Created by Ralph H. Lodge, Silver Lake Park and Chautauqua…

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Framework for the U.S.S. Akron, inside the Goodyear-Zeppelin Air Dock, Akron Ohio

USS Akron – ZRS-4

Building Airship ZRS-4 Construction of Airship ZRS-4 began on October 31, 1929…

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Akron High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

Built in 1884, Akron High School sat on the block…

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Summit Beach Dance Hall and Roller Rink, Akron, Ohio

Summit Beach Park – Dance Hall and Roller Rink

July 4, 1917 began an exciting era in Akron History,…

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Oneida Trail - Wieland Grocery, Springfield Lake, Akron, Ohio

Springfield Lake – Oneida Trail

The area around Springfield Lake became a popular resort spot as Akron’s…

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Firestone Tire & Rubber

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company – Factory

The rubber boom brought with it thousands of jobs to the…

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Zeppelin Air Dock, Akron, Ohio

Zeppelin Air Dock

The Goodyear-Zeppelin Airdock was a purpose-built facility for the construction of large…

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Music Hall, Akron, Ohio

Music Hall

The Music Hall was dedicated on opened in 1904 with…

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Fire House No. 5, Akron, Ohio

Fire Station – Engine House No. 5

The Akron Fire Department was fully motorized by 1914, one…

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Pavilion at Springfield Lake, near Akron, Ohio

Springfield Lake – Pavilion

At one time Springfield Lake Park was the largest amusement…

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Mohawk Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio

Mohawk Rubber Co.

A 1968 factory explosion at the Mohawk Rubber Plant caused the…

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Kenmore School, Kenmore, Ohio

Kenmore School – Heminger School

This was Kenmore’s first school which opened in 1903. The…

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Valley Railway Station

Valley Railway Station

This ornate railway passenger station, built in 1888, was located on…

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Goodyear Zeppelin Dock, Akron, Ohio

Goodyear-Zeppelin – Dock

Goodyear entered the fledgling aviation industry when it established its aeronautics…

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The M. O'Neil Company Building, Akron, Ohio


Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began serving Akron shoppers…

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