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Portage Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Portage Hotel

The Portage Hotel, located downtown at Main Street and Market Street, replaced the former Empire House Hotel in 1912 and served as Akron’s leading hotel until the opening of the modern Mayflower Hotel in 1931.

Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower Hotel

Akron’s Mayflower Hotel on Main Street Located at the corner of Main Street and State Street, the 16 story Mayflower had 450 room, a ballroom, banquet hall, six private dining rooms, one large dining room, coffee Shop, and equipped with modern equipment.

Hotel Marne, Akron, Ohio

Hotel Marne

Owned by T.E. McShaffrey, Hotel Marne was located at 281 South Main Street. The 175-room hotel was opened on September 7, 1919 and managed by J.H. Bromley. The Marne was one of many new hotels to open in Akron in the early 1900s.

Howe Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Hotel Howe

This towering structure once stood at 11 South Main Street. The 11-story, 112-room hotel was the tallest building in Akron when it opened in 1915. The hotel, which had been left vacant and neglected for years, was demolished in 1998.

Y.W.C.A. Akron, Ohio

YWCA – Akron

In 2005, after 104 years of service to the community, Akron’s YWCA officially disbanding. The former Y.W.C.A. building at 22 S. High St. was originally called the Grace House, (later known as the Sawan Building). The YWCA moved into the building in 1907 after remodeling and adding a cafeteria, swimming pool, gym, and track. The…

Imperial 400 Motel, Akron, Ohio

Imperial 400 Motel

The Imperial 400 motel chain was founded in 1959. Properties were usually two-story buildings with “gull wing” shaped roofs over the lobby. The architecture of Akron’s Imperial hotel was typical of the chain. Location: 210 W. Market Street “Aye, Royal Accommodations at Thr-rifty Rates – America’s Fast Growing Partnership Chain. All New! Heated Swimming Pool, Room TV, Phones,…

Sheraton Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower – Sheratan

“Sheraton Hotel, 259 So. Main Street, Akron Ohio – Akron’s finest hotel. In the heart of the main shopping and business district. Within walking distance to all transportation centers. Headquarters for the famous “Soap Box Derby.” Free Sheraton Direct Line Teletype Reservation Service.”

Portage Hotel Interior - Akron, Ohio

Portage Hotel – Interior

The Portage Hotel was located at 10 North Main Street in Akron. The eight-story, 170-room hotel opened on June 12, 1912. In 1935, the Portage Hotel was host to the founding of the United Rubber Workers Union. The Portage closed in 1969 and was repurposed for a short time as a nursing home. The building…

Goretz Hotel, Portage Lakes near Akron, Ohio

Groetz Hotel

Opened in 1891 by John B. Groetz (1866-1951), this late 19th-century hotel was a popular meeting place for famous politicians, businessmen, and athletes. Mark Hanna, the right-hand man of President McKinley, often dined here. Thomas Edison, a good friend of Harvey Firestone, was also a frequent visitors. Location: – Demolished – Portage Lakes Drive in Portage Lakes, Ohio.

Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel took her place among downtown Akron’s landmark buildings in 1931. The luxury hotel was an enormous symbol of the city’s prosperity. Interestingly, 1931 also saw the rise of Akron’s First Central Trust Tower and the new YMCA building.

Midtown Motel, E Market Street, Akron, Ohio

Midtown Motel

It didn’t win a title as first, biggest, most luxurious, or even remotely famous among Akron’s hotels, but the Midtown Motel was a long time fixture on Akron’s E. Market Street. Midtown guests could enjoy a stay in one of 90-100 air-conditioned rooms, all with tile baths, free TV, and a phone. Meeting rooms were also available,…


YMCA – Aerial View

Akron YMCA Building is a registered historic building in Akron, Ohio, listed in the National Register on October 31, 1980. Although the YMCA is still in the building for which it is named, the organization no longer owns the building. The YMCA now leases space on the lower floors from the building’s owner.

Old YMCA Building

YMCA – Building

The Akron YMCA began in 1870 as a small reading room on South Howard Street. By In 1904 they had grown enough to build a five-story building at State and Main. This structure was later raised to make room for the Mayflower Hotel.

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