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DeWitt's Automobile Ranch, Akron, Ohio

DeWitt’s Automobile Ranch

Popular Akron auto dealership in the 50’s. Sold Dodge, Plymouth, Simca, Lloyds, Sunbeams, AMC. DeWitt’s claim to fame was being the only Dodge and Plymouth dealer in the nation with its own proving and testing ground.   Location: 479 N. Main Street

O'Neil's Department Store, Akron, Ohio

O’Neil’s Department Store

The O’Neil’s department store featured large display windows along the front and sides of the massive 800,000 square foot building where seasonal displays were set up for viewing by the public. During the holiday season, large elaborate animated Christmas displays pulled in visitors from all over the area. Visiting these displays became a well-loved holiday tradition for…

O'Neil & Co. Akron, Ohio

O’Neil and Company

With a single dry goods store at 114 East Market Street, Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began a retail empire that is still remembered by Akronites. In 1912, O’Neil sold his popular stores to the May Department Stores Company for $1 million. His well-respected name continued to serve as the brand until the downtown location (built in…

The M. O'Neil Company Building, Akron, Ohio


Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began serving Akron shoppers in 1877. Their first store was a dry goods store located at 114 East Market Street. In 1912, O’Neil sold his stores to the May Department Stores for $1million. The massive 800,000 square foot building in downtown Akron was constructed in 1927-28. The store operated in…

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