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St. Bernard's School and Church, Akron, Ohio

St. Bernard – School and Church

Construction on the current church building began in 1902, and opened in 1905. It features a German Baroque Romanesque style of architecture and was designed by noted Akron-born architect William P. Ginther, whose portfolio also includes Annunciation, St. Bernard, and St. Mary Church. St. Bernard Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

High School, Akron, Ohio.

Akron High School

The high school was located on Forge Street, between College and Union Streets, facing Union Park. The school was established in 1857, but the pictured building was erected in 1885 at a cost of $135,000.

Akron High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

Built in 1884, Akron High School sat on the block created by Union, College, Buchtel and Forge Streets. The school was renamed Central High School after the 1911 construction of South High School. Akron’s Central High was demolished in 1973 and replaced by Central-Hower High School.

West High School, Akron, Ohio

West High School

The four-story, brick-and-stone structure was designed by local architectural firm Harpster & Bliss. Construction of West High School cost $225,000. For its first seven years, West served as both a high school and an elementary school.

University of Akron

University of Akron

The University’s founding can be traced all the back to an 1867 convention of the Universalist Church of the state of Ohio. At the convention interest in founding a college compatible with Universalist religious principles was announced. John R. Buchtel, a prominent Akron businessman and Universalist, contributed significantly to the endowment and building funds. Buchtel College, named after…

North High School, Akron, Ohio

North High School

Established in 1915, North High School was Akron’s fourth high school, after Central, South, and West. The school was located at the northwest corner of Dayton Street and East Tallmadge Avenue. It later became Jennings Middle School. The building was destroyed in 2012.

Findley School

Built in 1906, this beautiful structure was designed by architects Harpster & Bliss. Evident throughout the exterior and interior of Findley School were elements of the Beaux Arts style with additional Classical Revival details. The school was located in the triangular lot created by W. Tallmadge Ave, W. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., and Wall Street.

Grace School, Akron, Ohio

Grace School

With a history dating back to 1890, Grace School served the community for nearly 90 years. Grace was located at West Exchange Street and South Maple Street in Akron. The school closed in 1977 and was demolished in 2002.

Postcard view, Firestone Park School, Akron, Ohio

Firestone Park School

Harvey Firestone wanted to create a community near his factories where families of different income levels would live together. He wanted churches, schools, stores and his factories to all be within walking distance. Firestone hired his estate landscape architect, Alling S. DeForest, to design the layout for Firestone Park. Among the many projects was the…

St. Mary's School - Akron, Ohio

St. Mary’s School

The first class to graduate from St. Mary High School was in 1901. The school’s first football team was formed in 1922, and the St. M’s basketball team won the State Class B championship in 1929. In 75 years of operation, St. Mary High School graduated 4,351 students.

High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

The high school was located on Forge Street, between College and Union Streets, facing Union Park. The school was established in 1857, but the pictured building was erected in 1885 at a cost of $135,000. The school was renamed Central High after the 1911 construction of South High.

South High School, Akron, Ohio.

South High School

The school was built in 1911 and was the second of 14 high schools to be built over the course of Akron Public School district’s existence. In 1956 the South High School building became Thornton Junior High School and housed grades seven through nine until its closure at the end of the 1978-1979 school year.…

Court and Terrace of Our Lady of the Elms Convent, Akron, ohio

Our Lady of the Elms

In1923 The Sisters of St. Dominican purchased what would become their campus from Arthur Hudson Marks, an industrialist and former B.F. Goodrich vice president. The “Elm Court” mansion, built in 1911, was renamed Our Lady of the Elms. It became the sisters’ living quarters.

West High School, Akron, Ohio

West High School

The spacious West High included a 1,200-seat two-level assembly room, a walled rooftop garden, and a modern gymnasium with running track. West graduated its largest class in 1931 — 125 students in January and 221 in June. Its final graduating class in June 1953 had only 136 members. Eventually,  West became a junior high school…

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