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St. Bernard's Church, Akron, Ohio

St. Bernard Church – Interior View

Construction on the current church building began in 1902, and was opened in 1905. The building features a German Baroque Romanesque style and was designed by Akron-born architect William P. Ginther. St. Bernard Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

Old Maids Kitchen, Gorge, Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, Ohio

Gorge – Old Maids Kitchen

Once known as Old Maid’s Kitchen, the site can be found in the Gorge Metro Park. Today, the cave is named for Mary Campbell, a white settler from Pennsylvania taken captive by the Leni Lenape Indians and brought to the Cuyahoga Valley and possibly the Gorge.

Second National Bank, United States Express Company, Akron, Ohio

Second National Bank Building

The main building was home to the Second National Bank, but more interesting is The United States Express Company just a few doors up the road, The USE operated from 1854 to 1914 as a privately owned company that forwarded parcels and freight. The company served the northern states from New England west to Colorado.   Modern…

First Central Trust Tower

First Central Trust Tower

In 1904, the Akron-based Central Savings Bank merged with the Akron Trust Company to form Central Savings & Trust Company. In 1947, the First National Bank of Akron took control of the Central Savings and converted to a commercial bank. At that time the tower took on the name “First National Tower”.

Viaduct, Akron, Ohio


Designed by Howard, Harrington & Ash of Kansas City, this 2,810-foot span opened in 1922, with a grand parade that attracted 150,000 spectators. In 1978, a little more than 50 years after its completion, the bridge was demolished and replaced by the “All-America Y-Bridge.

Y.W.C.A. Akron, Ohio

YWCA – Akron

In 2005, after 104 years of service to the community, Akron’s YWCA officially disbanding. The former Y.W.C.A. building at 22 S. High St. was originally called the Grace House, (later known as the Sawan Building). The YWCA moved into the building in 1907 after remodeling and adding a cafeteria, swimming pool, gym, and track. The…

Colonial Salt, Halo, Kenmore, Akron, Ohio

Colonial Salt

Construction of the Colonial Salt plant began in 1899 and by 1901 salt was being produced. At that time the area was known as Halo, but today is known as the Kenmore neighborhood of Akron. By 1905, the office force at Colonial was larger than nearby Firestone Rubber.      

First Congregational Church and Parsonage, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

First Congregational Church and Parsonage

First Congregational Church dates back to 1833. In 1834 the State of Ohio recognized petition to incorporate the First Congregational Church making it the first formally recognized church in Akron. Their first church building was located on High Street, where the courthouse is today. Their third building, pictured here, was constructed in 1909-10 and remains in…

Furnace Street Mission, Akron, Ohio

Furnace Street Mission

“The Brightest Spot in the Underworld” – Originally founded by the Reverend Bill Denton, the church worked to help the local area’s unserved and needy. Over the years the church successfully expanded its ministry and outreach to serve the greater Akron area.

High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

Home of the Central Wildcats, Akron (Central) High School was located on Forge Street, between College and Union Streets, facing Union Park. The school was established in 1857, but the pictured building was erected in 1885 at a cost of $135,000. The building stood until 1973 when it was demolished to make way for the…

Entrance to Union Park, Akron, Ohio

Union Park

In 1848, Col. Simon Perkins, son of Akron’s founder, gave the People of Akron a gift. Originally called Flatiron Park (a reference to its triangular shape), Union Park, along with Grace Park were given to the people of Akron with a stipulation that these lands be used “for the purpose of public squares, or grounds,…

Greetings from Akron, Ohio

Greetings From Akron

Akron is the fifth-largest city in Ohio and is the county seat of Summit County. It is located on the western edge of the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau, approximately 39 miles south of Lake Erie Cleveland, Ohio.

Akron School - Samuel Findley, Akron, Ohio

Samuel Findley School

Akron’s Samuel Findley School was built in 1906. The building was designed by architects Harpster & Bliss. Elements of the Beaux Arts style with additional Classical Revival details were evident throughout the exterior and interior of the school. The school was once located in the triangular lot created by W. Tallmadge Ave, W. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.,…

German American Hall, Akron, Ohio

German American Hall

Funded by Werner Printing and Lithograph Company’s founder, Paul E. Werner, the German American Hall was constructed as a place for German activities. He called it “The Deutsch Haus” (The German House). As anti-German sentiments arose during World War I, it became necessary to rebrand the building as simply the Music Hall. Location: 44 E.…

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