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South High School

South High School

Akron’s South High School was built in 1911 and was the second high schools to be built by the Akron Public School district. In 1956 the school building became Thornton Junior High School and housed grades seven through nine until its closure at the end of the 1978-1979 school year. The building was eventually demolished…

West High School, Akron, Ohio

West High School

West High included a 1,200-seat two-level assembly room, a walled rooftop garden, and a modern gymnasium with running track. West graduated its largest class in 1931 — 125 students in January and 221 in June. Its final graduating class in June 1953 had only 136 members. Eventually, the West High School building became a junior…

Kaase's Restaurant, Akron

Kaase’s Restaurant Interior

“Food of DistinctionFR-3516 53 E. Mill Street, Akron, O. Off Rt. 5, Opposite Colonial TheaterBetween Main and High St. SERVING LUNCH AND DINNER11:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.Open All Year Except ChristmasOUR SPECIALTIESCrisp Potato BasketFilled With Creamed ChickenSteaks and ChopsHot Cinnamon RollsSouthern Corn SticksFacilities for Private Parties”AIR CONDITIONED

Masonic Temple, Akron, Ohio

Masonic Temple, Akron

The temple was built by the Freemasons in 1917 as their downtown business and social gatherings location. Following a sale in 1999, the building went through a two million dollar restoration project. Today the structure is used as a special events center.

Goss Memorial Reformed Church

Goss Memorial Reformed Church

“The modern church building is located in the Kenmore District of Akron, Ohio— “Where Florida meets Eleventh.” It is of beautiful Gothic architecture and was dedicated in 1929 at a cost of $110,00. it is “A Friendly Church With a Clear Gospel Message.”

John Brown House, Akron, Ohio

John Brown House

Brown was an abolitionist with strong religious convictions. He felt that violence was necessary to end American slavery, since decades of peaceful efforts had failed. In May 1856, Brown and his sons killed five supporters of slavery in the Pottawatomie massacre. Brown then commanded anti-slavery forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie. Brown…

Findley School, Akron

Findley School

Built in 1906, this beautiful structure was designed by architects Harpster & Bliss. Evident throughout the exterior and interior of Findley School were elements of the Beaux Arts style with additional Classical Revival details. The school was located in the triangular lot created by W. Tallmadge Ave, W. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., and Wall Street.

First-Second National Bank

First-Second National Bank

Constructed in 1911, the First-Second National Building is located on the southeast corner of South Main Street and East Bowery Street. In 1919, four additional floors were added to the building. Although it was designed for the Second National Bank, during construction the bank merged with the First National Bank to form the First-Second National Bank.

USS Macon - Under Construction, Akron, Ohio

USS Macon – PC6 Under Construction

USS Macon was built at the Goodyear Airdock in Springfield Township, Ohio by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation. Because this was by far the biggest airship ever to be built in America, a team of experienced German airship engineers, led by Chief Designer Karl Arnstein, instructed and supported design and construction of both the USS Macon and the USS Akron. From the collection…

City Hospital

City Hospital

Akron’s City Hospital was created from a fund left by an early resident, Boniface DeRoo. The fund, which represented the lifetime savings of a frugal hard working man, amounted to $10,000. The first building used for the hospital was an old frame house at the corner of Broadway Street and Center Street. Patients were seen,…

USS Macon, Akron, Ohio

USS Macon – PC 1 Under Construction

Sister ship of the USS Akron. Measuring an incredible 785 feet in length, the Macon and Akron were the largest airships in the world. At 50mph, these airships has a potential 10,580 mile range. The airships were large enough to house 5 airplanes that could be launched and recovered while in flight. From the collection…

Post Office

Post Office

Opened in 1899 as Akron’s main post office, today this building is part of the Akron Art Museum. Pairs of carved eagle medallions and bronze lanterns decorate the building’s façade. A mosaic depicting a Pony Express rider is embedded in the lobby floor.

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