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Robinson's Clay Products, Akron, Ohio

Robinson’s Clay Products Company

The Robinson Clay Product Com­pany was a major producer of sewer pipe. Including its operations in Akron, the company had eight plants in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Robinson’s was one of many clay product companies with operations in Akron. Others included: American Vitrified Products Com­pany, United States Stoneware Company, Summit  China Company, M. A. Knight Company, Camp Brothers…

Scene in Grace Park, Akron, O.

Grace Park

Grace Park wasn’t always a “shady” place. Back in the day, the park was one of Akron’s most popular retreats.It played host to picnics, leisurely strolls, community gatherings and fiery political speeches. Famous names like Hayes, McKinley, and Rosevelt stood in Grace Park to deliver their words to the people of Akron.

South High School, Akron, Ohio

South High School

Built in 1911 at 30 West Thornton Street at Coburn, South was the city’s second high school. In 1956, after the construction of a new South High School, the original building became Thornton Junior High School and housed grades seven through nine until its closure in 1979.

Plant of the B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron.

B. F. Goodrich Company

Shortly before the Great Depression, Goodrich acquired the Hood Rubber Company of Water-town, Massachusetts, and the Miller Rubber Company of Akron. The Depression reduced rubber demand and affected the company’s labor relations with its 15,000 employees in Akron. The United Rubber Workers union (URW) was formed in 1934, and in 1936 national labor leader John…

P.E. Werner's Residence, Akron, Ohio

Paul E. Werner’s Residence

While Akron’s most famous names were building their fortunes in rubber, Paul E. Werner had created a publishing empire that spanned the globe. Changes to international copyright laws lead to a series of suits against Werner’s publishing company. While he won most of the suits, the cost was high and ultimately toppled his vast empire. For…

East Market Street

The street has been called Millionaires’ Row by some and rightfully so. Before it was commercially developed, Akron’s East Market Street was populated by Akron’s most famous names. F.A. Seiberling (Goodyear), Ferdinand Schumacher (Quaker Oats), O.C. Barber (Diamond Match).

Firestone Research Laboratory and Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Akron, Ohio

Firestone Research Laboratory and Monument

Harvey Samuel Firestone was born on December 20, 1868, at his family’s farm in Columbiana, Ohio. After graduating from Columbiana High School, Firestone worked for the Columbus Buggy Company before starting his own business in 1890. Firestone soon saw the potential for marketing automobile tires which led to the founding of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, a…

Union Station, Akron, Ohio

Union Station

From 1891 through 1950, Akron’s Union Station was an important busy part of the city’s growth. The railroad station served passengers on trains from the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O), Pennsylvania and Erie railroads. In 1950, the railroad station was replaced by the new Akron Union Depot.

West Hill Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

West Hill Congregational Church

With a rapid increase of the Protestant population in the west part of the city, a new First Congregational Society formed in 1885. By 1887 the society had secured land and funding to construct their first church building at a cost of $6,300. The original church site was located on the Northwest corner of West…

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