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Central Garage, Akron, Ohio

Central Garage

A testament to just how fast automobiles has grown in popularity, this massive parking garage was constructed in 1919.During the Cold War, the Central Garage was designated as one of 32 downtown air-raid shelters.

City Hospital - Published by S.H. Knox Co. Akron, Ohio

City Hospital

It began as a dream by Boniface DeRoo, a Dutch immigrant whose will provided approximately $10,000 for the establishment of Akron’s first hospital. More than nine years elapsed after DeRoo’s death in 1883 before a group of 12 men organized the City Hospital Association. The association purchased the Bartges Homestead in 1892 and opened the…

Plant of the B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio.

B. F. Goodrich Company

On December 31, 1870, Goodrich formed the partnership of Goodrich, Tew & Company with his brother-in-law Harvey W. Tew and a group of Akron investors. After completing the construction of a two-story factory on the banks of the Ohio Canal, Goodrich was in business as the first rubber company west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Main Street, Akron, Ohio

Main Street Looking South

Postcard view of Akron’s Main Street from Market Street looking south. Founded along the Little Cuyahoga River in 1825 by Simon Perkins and Paul Williams, the location of Akron carefully and strategically planned at the summit of the developing Ohio and Erie Canal.

Robinson's Clay Products, Akron, Ohio

Robinson’s Clay Products Company

The Robinson Clay Product Com­pany was a major producer of sewer pipe. Including its operations in Akron, the company had eight plants in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Robinson’s was one of many clay product companies with operations in Akron. Others included: American Vitrified Products Com­pany, United States Stoneware Company, Summit  China Company, M. A. Knight Company, Camp Brothers…

Scene in Grace Park, Akron, O.

Grace Park

Grace Park wasn’t always a “shady” place. Back in the day, the park was one of Akron’s most popular retreats.It played host to picnics, leisurely strolls, community gatherings and fiery political speeches. Famous names like Hayes, McKinley, and Rosevelt stood in Grace Park to deliver their words to the people of Akron.

South High School, Akron, Ohio

South High School

Built in 1911 at 30 West Thornton Street at Coburn, South was the city’s second high school. In 1956, after the construction of a new South High School, the original building became Thornton Junior High School and housed grades seven through nine until its closure in 1979.

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