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Ever wonder how society survived without instant communication?  In a world without cell phones, text messaging, email and skype people actually had to take it slow. In the early 20th century, messages traveled on the backs of pictures at the speed of mail.

Sending a postcard took time from your day. You picked out the perfect card, wrote a message, licked a stamp, took the card to a post box, all while thinking of the recipient. When the cards arrived, loved ones would often save and share the messages.  Many of these correspondences were hung in the homes of their recipients or placed with important documents.

Of course, today, we send messages instantly and even include pictures and emojis, but most of these messages are deleted only moments after they arrive. Postcards, on the other hand, were/are perfect keepsakes.

Even today, a century after reaching their destinations, postcards have a special significance.  They give us a glimpse into the lives of their senders. The rich artwork helps us see the world as it was when people wrote in cursive and life moved a little slower.

The Akron Picture Postcard Collection is focused on sharing documents from the Akron area’s rich history. Our collection includes vintage Akron postcards, regional postcards, documents, photographs, and more.

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