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Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower Hotel

Akron’s Mayflower Hotel on Main Street Located at the corner of Main Street and State Street, the 16 story Mayflower had 450 room, a ballroom, banquet hall, six private dining rooms, one large dining room, coffee Shop, and equipped with modern equipment.

Hotel Marne, Akron, Ohio

Hotel Marne

Owned by T.E. McShaffrey, Hotel Marne was located at 281 South Main Street. The 175-room hotel was opened on September 7, 1919 and managed by J.H. Bromley. The Marne was one of many new hotels to open in Akron in the early 1900s.

First Central Trust Tower

First Central Trust Tower

In 1904, the Akron-based Central Savings Bank merged with the Akron Trust Company to form Central Savings & Trust Company. In 1947, the First National Bank of Akron took control of the Central Savings and converted to a commercial bank. At that time the tower took on the name “First National Tower”.

Viaduct, Akron, Ohio


Designed by Howard, Harrington & Ash of Kansas City, this 2,810-foot span opened in 1922, with a grand parade that attracted 150,000 spectators. In 1978, a little more than 50 years after its completion, the bridge was demolished and replaced by the “All-America Y-Bridge.

Howe Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Hotel Howe

This towering structure once stood at 11 South Main Street. The 11-story, 112-room hotel was the tallest building in Akron when it opened in 1915. The hotel, which had been left vacant and neglected for years, was demolished in 1998.

Y.W.C.A. Akron, Ohio

YWCA – Akron

In 2005, after 104 years of service to the community, Akron’s YWCA officially disbanding. The former Y.W.C.A. building at 22 S. High St. was originally called the Grace House, (later known as the Sawan Building). The YWCA moved into the building in 1907 after remodeling and adding a cafeteria, swimming pool, gym, and track. The…

Ohio Building, Akron, Ohio

Ohio Building

This is the Ohio Building in Akron, Ohio. In this postcard view, old cars can be seen parked along the front and side of the building. Additionally, a horse and cart are seen on the street making deliveries.

O'Neil's Department Store, Akron, Ohio

O’Neil’s Department Store

The O’Neil’s department store featured large display windows along the front and sides of the massive 800,000 square foot building where seasonal displays were set up for viewing by the public. During the holiday season, large elaborate animated Christmas displays pulled in visitors from all over the area. Visiting these displays became a well-loved holiday tradition for…

St. Bernard's School and Church, Akron, Ohio

St. Bernard – School and Church

Construction on the current church building began in 1902, and opened in 1905. It features a German Baroque Romanesque style of architecture and was designed by noted Akron-born architect William P. Ginther, whose portfolio also includes Annunciation, St. Bernard, and St. Mary Church. St. Bernard Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

Sheraton Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower – Sheratan

“Sheraton Hotel, 259 So. Main Street, Akron Ohio – Akron’s finest hotel. In the heart of the main shopping and business district. Within walking distance to all transportation centers. Headquarters for the famous “Soap Box Derby.” Free Sheraton Direct Line Teletype Reservation Service.”

Post Office, Akron, Ohio

Post Office

The brick building opened in 1899 as Akron’s main post office. Pairs of carved eagle medallions and bronze lanterns decorate its Market Street façade and a mosaic depicting a Pony Express rider is embedded in its lobby floor. The Akron Art Museum moved into the building in 1981 after a major renovation.

Bus Station, Akron, Ohio

Greyhound Bus Terminal

The Greyhound Bus Terminal in Akron was built at a cost of $600,000. It afforded patrons all the expected modern conveniences including a cafeteria. Up to fourteen busses could be docked simultaneously at the terminal. The building was connected to the Union Railroad Depot via an enclosed skywalk. It was also just one block from the…

O'Neil & Co. Akron, Ohio

O’Neil and Company

With a single dry goods store at 114 East Market Street, Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began a retail empire that is still remembered by Akronites. In 1912, O’Neil sold his popular stores to the May Department Stores Company for $1 million. His well-respected name continued to serve as the brand until the downtown location (built in…

The M. O'Neil Company Building, Akron, Ohio


Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began serving Akron shoppers in 1877. Their first store was a dry goods store located at 114 East Market Street. In 1912, O’Neil sold his stores to the May Department Stores for $1million. The massive 800,000 square foot building in downtown Akron was constructed in 1927-28. The store operated in…

Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel took her place among downtown Akron’s landmark buildings in 1931. The luxury hotel was an enormous symbol of the city’s prosperity. Interestingly, 1931 also saw the rise of Akron’s First Central Trust Tower and the new YMCA building.

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