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The M. O'Neil Company Building, Akron, Ohio


Michael O’Neil and his partner Isaac Dyas began serving Akron shoppers in 1877. Their first store was a dry goods store located at 114 East Market Street. In 1912, O’Neil sold his stores to the May Department Stores for $1million. The massive 800,000 square foot building in downtown Akron was constructed in 1927-28. The store operated in…

Mayflower Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel took her place among downtown Akron’s landmark buildings in 1931. The luxury hotel was an enormous symbol of the city’s prosperity. Interestingly, 1931 also saw the rise of Akron’s First Central Trust Tower and the new YMCA building.

First-Second National Bank

First-Second National Bank

The First-Second National Building was constructed in 1911 on the southeast corner of South Main Street and East Bowery Street. In 1919, four additional floors were added to the building. Although it was designed for the Second National Bank, during construction the bank merged with the First National Bank to form the First-Second National Bank.

Union Depot, Akron Ohio

Union Depot

Akron’s third Union Station was built in 1949. The Railroad Depot was used by both the Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads. Union Depot was connected to the Greyhound Bus Station by way of a bridge over the tracks. The enclosed bridge had a stairway and escalator to track level. The last intercity passenger train to…

Quaker Oats, Akron, O.

Quaker Oats

Early view of the Quaker Oats Factory on Howard Street in Akron, Ohio. This postcard view also shows wonderful examples of period advertising. Billboards include Akron’s Famous Heaters, and S&G’s Portage Brand Coffee & Tea. On the Left side of the street is a sign for McClains.


YMCA – Aerial View

Akron YMCA Building is a registered historic building in Akron, Ohio, listed in the National Register on October 31, 1980. Although the YMCA is still in the building for which it is named, the organization no longer owns the building. The YMCA now leases space on the lower floors from the building’s owner.

Hamilton Building, Akron, Ohio

Hamilton Building

Once standing on the site of today’s First National Bank Tower. The Hamilton Building was home to Akron’s first major bank, the Central Savings and Trust which moved into the building in 1918 and remained there until the building was demolished.

Old YMCA Building

YMCA – Building

The Akron YMCA began in 1870 as a small reading room on South Howard Street. By In 1904 they had grown enough to build a five-story building at State and Main. This structure was later raised to make room for the Mayflower Hotel.

YMCA building, Akron, Ohio

YMCA – Building

This is Akron’s first YMCA building. The organization would outgrow this building by the 1920’s and replace it with a 16-story Art Deco building in 1931. The Young Men’s Christian Association, commonly known as simply the Y, is an organization founded on putting Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy “body, mind, and spirit”.

Second National Bank Building, Akron, Ohio

Second National Bank

Built in 1911, The Second National Bank Building is located on the southeast corner of South Main St and East Bowery St. It was constructed by Carmichael Construction and designed by George B. Post & Sons. Four additional floors (shown here) were added to the building in 1919.   Pre 1919 view without the additional four floors:…

Hamilton Building, Akron, Ohio

Hamilton Building

This rather plain looking structure once stood on the site of today’s First National Bank Tower. The Hamilton Building was home to the Central Savings and Trust which moved into the building in 1918 and renamed it the Central Savings and Trust Building. The bank remained there until the building was demolished and replaced by…

Peoples Savings Bank

Peoples Savings Bank

This corner of Main Street and Exchange Street is filed with Akron history. Before the Peoples Savings Bank was constructed here, this was the home of Henry Clark’s Tavern, the first hotel in Akron built in 1836. The Evans Building and Loan Association took control of the property in 1915 and constructed what is now know as the…

Radio Station WADC = Home of CBS in Akron, Ohio

WADC Radio

Built on the site where Hotel Buchtel once stood, the WADC building was completed May 6th, 1949. The entire second floor was occupied by Radio Station WADC, which was established April 8th, 1925, and was owned and operated by Allen T. Simmons. In 1929 the station’s announcer was George F. Houston. According to 440.com, other…

Entrance to Grace Park, Akron, O.

Grace Park

Location across from Akron’s Union Station, Grace Park became a hotspot for political campaigns and “whistle stop” speeches. Rutherford B. Hayes, William H. Taft, William McKinley, and Theodore Roosevelt all gave speeches to large crowds at Grace Park.

Akron Tower Motor Hotel, Akron, Ohio

Akron Tower Motor Inn

Magnificently modern in concept, comfort, convenience – 200 luxury rooms – Free inside parking – Swimming pool – Restaurant. 50 West State St. Akron 8 Ohio Telephone: 762-0451 Teletype AK84