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Summit Beach Park

Bathers at Summit Beach

Summit Lake was a popular summer retreat for Akron area residents. First as a picturesque picnic area and latter as a amusement park. From rollercoasters to live entertainment, the park had it all. The Beach Park operated for 40 years before closing its gates in 1958.

Summit Beach Park Midway, Akron, Ohio

Summit Beach Park – Midway

More than a century ago, on July 4th, 1917, Summit Beach Park opened its door for the first time. Akronites were drawn by rides like the park’s roller coaster, carousel and ferris wheel. But the park offered more than thrill rides, it also had a dance hall, penny arcade, boat launch and steamboat rides.

Lakeside, Akron, Ohio

Lakeside Park – Canoes

Flags are waving as visitors to Akron’s Lakeside Park enjoy a day of rest on the waters of Summit Lake. Lakeside was built by the Akron Street Railway & Herdic Co. in 1887. It was an attraction and picnic ground destination accessible by the railway. Lakeside would later be absorbed into Summit Beach Park.

Pavilion and Merry-Go-Round, Lakeside Park, Akron, Ohio

Lakeside Park – Pavilion

Woman standing on the shore of Summit Lake at Lakeside Park. The Pavilion and merry-go-round are visible in the background. Lakeside Park was opened in 1877 by the Akron Street Railway & Herdic Co. The park, located on the eastern shore of Summit Lake, was a popular picnic destination. As Summit Beach Park’s popularity grew, it absorbed Lakeside Park.

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