Entrance to Union Park, Akron, Ohio

Union Park

In 1848, Col. Simon Perkins, son of Akron’s founder, gave…

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Swimmers at Summit Beach Park, Akron, Ohio

Summit Beach Park – Early Bathers

A trio of adventurous swimmers brave the cold to be…

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Greetings from Akron, Ohio

Greetings From Akron

Akron is the fifth-largest city in Ohio and is the…

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Akron School - Samuel Findley, Akron, Ohio

Samuel Findley School

Akron’s Samuel Findley School was built in 1906. The building was…

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Silver Lake Railway at Night, Akron/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Silver Lake Park – Miniature Railway

An evening train ride through the Silver Lake Park on…

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Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

In its first year of operation, the Firestone grossed more…

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German American Hall, Akron, Ohio

German American Hall

Funded by Werner Printing and Lithograph Company’s founder, Paul E.…

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Inside view of the U.S.S. Macon, Akron, Ohio

USS Macon – ZRS-5

In this Picture Postcard view of the USS Macon, a…

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Greetings from Akron Ohio

Greetings from Akron

The city dates back to 1825 when General Simon Perkins…

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Smith's Tavern at Long Lake, Akron/Barberton/Coventry, Ohio

Smith’s Tavern

George M Smith’s popular tavern along the Long Lake Channel…

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Akron Municipal Airport, Akron, Ohio

Akron Municipal Airport

As the US Navy’s newly built USS Akron flys overhead,…

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Hotel Frankfort, Akron, Ohio

Hotel Frankfort, Market Street

View of the Hotel Frankfort on Akron’s Market Street. The…

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Our Lady of the Elms, Akron, Ohio

Our Lady of the Elms Church

Our Lady of the Elms High School is a private, all-girls…

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Union, Forge and Mill streets Akron, Ohio

Union, Forge & Mill Streets

A view of the much-changed intersection of Union Street, Forge…

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The Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp's. Airship Factory and Dock

The Goodyear-Zeppelin Airship Factory

The Air Dock, as it is known, was constructed in…

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Hower Building Fire, Akron, Ohio

Hower Building Fire of 1909

On May 18, 1909, a fire in the seven-story Hower…

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Akron Terminal Airport, Akron, Ohio

Airport Terminal

In 1942, one of the area’s worst aviation accidents occurred when a Martin…

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Amelia Flats & Union Station, Akron, Ohio

Union Station – Amelia Flats

Amelia Flats was the first of two apartment building constructed by…

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Northern Ohio Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge Over Ohio Canal

With a train in the background a sunken canal boat…

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Louie Youngs Hotel at Feeder, Akron, Ohio

Louie Young’s Hotel at Feeder

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North Hill M.E. Church, Akron, Ohio

North Hill M. E. Church

North Hill M.E. Church, Akron, Ohio

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Ohio Building, Akron, Ohio

Ohio Building

This is the Ohio Building in Akron, Ohio. In this…

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First Baptist Church, Akron, Ohio

First Baptist Church

Founded in 1834, First Baptist has a long history of…

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Akron High School, Akron, Ohio

Akron High School

Akron’s first high school was located on Forge Street, between…

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New Dam at the Gorge, Akron/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Gorge – Dam

The dam was built in 1911-1912 by the Northern Ohio…

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