Akron Savings & Loan, Akron, Ohio

Akron Savings & Loan

Built in 1923, the Akron Savings & Loan building is 158-foot-tall 12-story high-rise.

  • 1888 the Akron Savings & Loan began as the Akron Building and Loan Association (196 South High Street). The first officers were Hugo Schumacher, W.B. Gamble, A.H. Noah, William Buchtel, and P.M. Atterholt.
  • 1891 The company moved to larger offices inside the Hotel Buchtel.
  • 1895 The Company moved to 130 South Main Street.
  • 1909 the name of the company was changed to the Akron Savings and Loan Company, with its headquarters at the South Main Street and Bowery Street Savings and Loan Building.
  • 1923 Offices were torn down and a new and larger building (pictured here) was erected at the same site.

Location: Main Street and Bowery Street – downtown across from the Key Building.

Akron Savings & Loan

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