Ferrying across the Glens, Cuyahoga Falls, near Akron, Ohio

Gorge – The Glens

Carved from the earth nearly 12,000 years ago, the Gorge is one of the area’s greatest natural wonders. The area is also filled with amazing folklore.

On May 21, 1758, at the age of ten, Campbell was abducted from a place in or near the town of Penn’s Creek, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Her captors were a band of Lenape Indians. During her captivity, Mary stayed in the household of Chief Netawatwees. According to tradition, Mary was brought to a cliff cavity/cave in the Gorge. After a brief residence in the cave, she likely moved to a nearby Lenape village, which may have been along the southern bank of the Cuyahoga River not far from the cave, or else on the flat ground directly above the cave.

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