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Kenmore – Business District

Kenmore was founded in 1908, as a residential community between the industrial cities of Akron and Barberton. The village which was strategically built along the streetcar lines between the two cities and grew so fast that it earned the nicknamed “fastest–growing city in the world“. Kenmore was annexed by Akron in 1928. Pictured: I.O.O.F. Lodge 927

South Main Street, Akron, Ohio

South Main Street

“South Main Street is the main thoroughfare in Akron. Most of the leading stores, theaters, and hotels are located on this street. It is the dividing line for cross streets, all numbered running east and west start from here. State Routes Nos. 8, 18 and 36 pass through South Main Street.” – Federman’s, Shulans, Bear’s,…

Market Street, Akron, Ohio

Market Street

Very old view of the Empire House on Akron’s Market Street. The area is busy with activity as a trolley moves through the scene. By 1912, the Empire would be destroyed to make way for the new 250-room Portage Hotel.

Spicer Street, Akron, Ohio

Spicer Street

Spicer street bears the name of a true Akron pioneer. Miner Spicer, born in 1776, came to Portage Township (Akron) with his family in 1811. Along with his wife, Cynthia, and their children Avery, 11, Lucinda, 10, Cynthia, 8, Phoebe, 6, Temperance, 3, Emily, 2, and Lydia, 4 months,the Spicers became the Portage Township’s first white settlers.…

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