Allen Theatre WADC Broadcasting Station, Akron, Ohio

Allen Theatre WADC Broadcasting Station

WADC broadcasting studios located in the Towell Cadillac Building.

WADC first broadcast as a temporary station for a 1925 car show at the Central Garage. The call letters were derived from the show’s sponsor, the Automobile Dealers’ Company. After the show ended, Allen Simmons, owner of the Allen Theater, bought the equipment and obtained a permanent license which was granted on March 23, 1925.

WADC was the second radio station in Akron after WOE which went on the air in 1922, but was off the air in 1923. Regular broadcasts by WADC began in April of 1925 from studios in the Portage Hotel. The station originally broadcast at 1160 kHz with 100 watts, but its signal was increased to 500 watts by 1926.

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