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Central Engine House (Fire Station), Akron, Ohio

Fire Station – Central Engine House

Akron Fire Department has a long and proud history dating all the way back to 1839 when the North Akron Fire Company was formed. Akron’s volunteer fire-fighting forces were consolidated to form the “Akron Fire Department” in 1866.  The members of the department were placed on a full pay basis in 1903. The department was…

Hower Building Fire, Akron, Ohio

Hower Building Fire of 1909

On May 18, 1909, a fire in the seven-story Hower Power block destroyed the building and its contents, causing losses in excess of $1,500,000. Several girls employed in the building had a narrow escape. Firemen were in danger from falling walls. The building was occupied entirely by light manufacturing companies. There were more than 200…

Akron's Central Fire Department

Central Fire Department, Akron

The Akron Fire Department dates back to 1839 when Akron Council authorized the creation of volunteer fire companies to replace the Fire Warden. The first of these new companies was the “North Akron Fire Company” in December of 1839.

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