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Viaduct, Akron, Ohio


Designed by Howard, Harrington & Ash of Kansas City, this 2,810-foot span opened in 1922, with a grand parade that attracted 150,000 spectators. In 1978, a little more than 50 years after its completion, the bridge was demolished and replaced by the “All-America Y-Bridge.

View of the Gorge Viaduct, Akron, Ohio

View of the Gorge Viaduct

The Gorge formed about 12,000 years ago as the Cuyahoga River carried water to Lake Erie. Most of the 100 mile river is shallow and slow-moving — but in the gorge, water descends 200 feet within a short two-mile section of the gorge.

Main Street Viaduct, Akron. Ohio

Main Street Viaduct

The North Hill Viaduct was an impressive structure. At 2810 feet long, 72 feet wide and 135 feet high at the river, it made a lasting impression on anyone viewing it. This longtime iconic symbol of Akron was destroyed and replaced by the All American Y Bridge.

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