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Glenn Curtiss in Hydro-Aeroplane at Summit Lake, Akron, Ohio

Lakeside – Glenn Curtiss Hydro-Aeroplane

In 1911, aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss promised Akron a memorable event. Curtiss brought his experimental hydro-airplane to Lakeside Park at Summit Lake. His three flights were seen by nearly 50,000 people that day. During his final flight, the hydro-airplane lost a section of its propeller. Although the plane to become unstable, Curtiss was able to safely bring…

Lakeside, Akron, Ohio

Lakeside Park – Canoes

Flags are waving as visitors to Akron’s Lakeside Park enjoy a day of rest on the waters of Summit Lake. Lakeside was built by the Akron Street Railway & Herdic Co. in 1887. It was an attraction and picnic ground destination accessible by the railway. Lakeside would later be absorbed into Summit Beach Park.

Pavilion and Merry-Go-Round, Lakeside Park, Akron, Ohio

Lakeside Park – Pavilion

Woman standing on the shore of Summit Lake at Lakeside Park. The Pavilion and merry-go-round are visible in the background. Lakeside Park was opened in 1877 by the Akron Street Railway & Herdic Co. The park, located on the eastern shore of Summit Lake, was a popular picnic destination. As Summit Beach Park’s popularity grew, it absorbed Lakeside Park.

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