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West Hill Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

West Hill Congregational Church

With a rapid increase of the Protestant population in the west part of the city, a new First Congregational Society formed in 1885. By 1887 the society had secured land and funding to construct their first church building at a cost of $6,300. The original church site was located on the Northwest corner of West…

First Congregational Church and Parsonage, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

First Congregational Church and Parsonage

First Congregational Church dates back to 1833. In 1834 the State of Ohio recognized petition to incorporate the First Congregational Church making it the first formally recognized church in Akron. Their first church building was located on High Street, where the courthouse is today. Their third building, pictured here, was constructed in 1909-10 and remains in…

First Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church was established in 1833 as Akron’s first formally organized church congregation. The current church building, pictured here, was constructed in 1909-10 and is made of made of Bedford limestone. The bell and clock tower is100 feet high and 18 feet square. Location: East Market and Union Streets

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