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West Hill Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

West Hill Congregational Church

With a rapid increase of the Protestant population in the west part of the city, a new First Congregational Society formed in 1885. By 1887 the society had secured land and funding to construct their first church building at a cost of $6,300. The original church site was located on the Northwest corner of West…

Miller Avenue Reformed Church

Miller Road Reformed Church

Located at 77/81 West Miller Avenue. Founded in 1905. 1905-1909 – Reverend Samuel E. Snepp (Resided at 119 Buchtel Ave.) 1910-1923 – Reverend Harry Rohrbaugh 1923-//// – Reverend Richard R. Yocum, D.D. 1925-1926 – Reverend Earl Mason Anneshansly (Associate Pastor)

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