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First M.E. Church, Akron, Ohio

First Methodist Episcopal Church

When the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Akron was ready to construct a new building, Lewis Miller, a successful inventor, and industrialist had a plan. Working with architects Walter Blythe and Jacob Snyder, Miller devised a plan for a better Sunday school. Miller’s plan utilized wedge-shaped classrooms separated by partitions radiating from the direction of a central…

St. Mary's School - Akron, Ohio

St. Mary’s School

The first class to graduate from St. Mary High School was in 1901. The school’s first football team was formed in 1922, and the St. M’s basketball team won the State Class B championship in 1929. In 75 years of operation, St. Mary High School graduated 4,351 students.

St. Vincent De Paul's Church, Akron, Ohio

St. Vincent De Paul’s Church

With roots as a mission church visited by Father Basil A. Shorb, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church, Doylestown, in 1837, St. Vincent de Paul parish is the oldest church in Akron. The current building (pictured here) dates back to 1867.

First Baptist Church, Akron, Ohio

First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church continues today, although not in this building. After 75 in its downtown location, the congregation made a decision to resettle in West Akron on Shatto Avenue in 1965.

Court and Terrace of Our Lady of the Elms Convent, Akron, ohio

Our Lady of the Elms

In1923 The Sisters of St. Dominican purchased what would become their campus from Arthur Hudson Marks, an industrialist and former B.F. Goodrich vice president. The “Elm Court” mansion, built in 1911, was renamed Our Lady of the Elms. It became the sisters’ living quarters.

First Congregational Church, Akron, Ohio

First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church was established in 1833 as Akron’s first formally organized church congregation. The current church building, pictured here, was constructed in 1909-10 and is made of made of Bedford limestone. The bell and clock tower is100 feet high and 18 feet square. Location: East Market and Union Streets

First M.E. Church, Akron, Ohio

First Methodist Episcopal Church

The First Methodist Episcopal Church on the corner of Broadway and Church Streets. This building was destroyed by a fire in 1911. Thanks to Lewis Miller’s (1829-99) Akron Plan, First Methodist Episcopal Church of Akron was at the center of an architectural movement to improve the Sunday school experience. Under Miller’s plan, Sunday schools were built in a…

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